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Why HP Printer Printing Out Dull Printouts and How to Fix

HP Printers are renowned for the quality if offers and hence users prefer it over other brands. But sometimes the things don’t go as expected and you see sudden fall in the printing quality of your HP printers. There could be several reasons behind the dull printouts.

Not only the dull prints but if you are getting black prints, smears and fussy printing, the blur images and more, you need to make required changed to your HP printers. Call HP Customer Care Number to get rid of such errors use the following troubleshooting methods:

Check the ink cartridges:

The level of ink and toner in the cartridges makes a lot of difference in printing quality. The low level of ink or other resources can fade the printouts and affect the quality of print to a great extent. Follow the steps to replace ink cartridges:

 Turn your HP printers.

 Look for the slot cartridges, which is usually located on the side.

 Release and Remove the lid and open the cartridges.

 Check the ink level and other components of cartridges and replace if there is any problem.The low link level indicates the damage and the cartridge need to be replaced.

 Try to print.

Reboot your HP printer:

Sometimes excessive printing can cause the low quality of prints. At that time, it is necessary to give some rest to your printer. Turn off your printer, remove all cables and connectors. Let it cool down for straight 30 minutes. Reinstall everything and try to print a document.

Quality of paper matters:

To get the best quality of prints, make sure you use the high quality and appropriate paper. Too thin or too thick paper can affect the quality of prints. Also, make sure the setting of the printer matches with the paper you are using. Also, keep adjusting the settings time to time. Check for paper jam and job stuck errors to avoid any inconvenience.

Adjust Settings:

Printer’s settings are the most important factor which determines the quality of prints. Therefore one must keep the settings up-to-date in order to get the best outputs from your HP printer

 Go to the software printing and select “File” and then click on “Print”.

 Now select your product from the drop-down menu.

 Click Properties>>preferences.

 Go to the Features option and then select the printer’s quality and other settings as per the paper you are using.

 Hit OK to save the changes.

 Now click on Print to initiate printing.

Check for errors:

Here is the list of errors and their associated printer’s components. Check those properly to you achieve the best quality of printer using HP printing.

 Missing lines or bars: This can be due to the problem in cartridges.

 Color blocks: use the HP printer troubleshooter to find out the respective error.

The one-stop solution:

Sometimes there are more than one factors responsible for the poor quality of prints and therefore HP Printer customer Number is available throughout the day and night without any break to assist with any problem. Call on toll-free numbers to get a most appropriate solution for the poor quality of prints.